Things to Do

Outdoor activities 


  1. Seafront: The local marine environment and ecology is extremely rich with sea life and guests spend hours gathering wee sea creatures, shells and coral on the edge of the reef. The waves can be humungus.
  2. Walking: Others explore the neighbouring plantations and villages on walking tours
  3. Kayaking: The river Ilog Malinos forms a lagoon at the front of the resort. See below.
  4. Swimming in Caves: Nearby there are 3 sets of caves for swimming, independent of the resort.
  5. Rock Cliffs/Marine : Atoll reefs for swimming, snorkelling or body surfing. Board surfing can be dangerous and is best left to the experts.
  6. Boating: At Balingasay (10 mins away) guides take tourists on bancas to snorkel at the Marine Sanctuary and from Bolinao to see the Giant Clams farmed off Santiago Island and upriver to see 100 year old mangrove trees.
  7. Bolinao Town: Offers a wide range of seafood at the market. Also see museum, Marine Institute for Giant clams, and the Historical 15th Centuary Fortress Church of St James.
  8. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse and Patar white beach is 20 mins by car.
  9. Bolinao Falls 1 and 2 are 40 mins by car.
  10. Alaminos is 40 mins by car or bus and home of Hundred Island National Park and tourist shops.
  11. Birdwatching takes place at Bani and Alaminos.
  12. Guided Tours: The resort offers 5 days of guided tours – see guided tours.


At the resort


  1. Kayaking: Guests kayak 2-4kms upriver on our eight kayaks. Kayaking is complimentary at 30mins/room and can be hired for long trips upriver. The seafront is prohibited for kayaking.
  2. Guided Tours: The resort offers 5 days of guided tours – see guided tours.
  3. Riverside Spa: Located beside Don Quixote Bar – see Riverside Spa
  4. Permaculture: The resort has a free range farm with wild boars, dragon fruit orchard, aquaponics system and makes organic fertilizers. The farm can be visited by walking upriver (landward side) past the Don Quixote Bar.
  5. Lecture on Permaculture: If available Dr McFeat-Smith can make a 40 mins presentation on these activities and the resort as: A Permaculture Model for the Future of Tourism in the Philippines. A DVD version of this lecture is also available.
  6. Pool Tables, Darts, and Table Tennis: Available at the Don Quixote Bar.
  7. Karaoke – coin operated karaokes are available at the Don Quixote Bar.
  8. Board Games including Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Majong and Chineese Chess available upon request.
  9. Swimming Pools: Infinity and spa waterfall pools available.
  10. Live Band: Our Saturday Night Fever Live Band plays most nights during peak season (March-May) and at the Safari Grill and in the Rotisserie on Friday and/or Saturday nights for good music and dancing. Guest participation is welcomed.