Punta’s Ambiance

Where The River Meets The Sea

We SMILE's better

Punta Riviera


A touch of magic once was found

Where the river meets the sea

So was it when  we went to Bolinao

And met Infinity


Oh Punta Riviera Beach Resort

We fell in love your turf

Our soft lips touched as we embraced

And stepped into the surf


Something new – something different

Was what your web site said

Your white beach  environment

Just knocked us out stone dead


At Ilog Malino we found that river

Just at the break of day

Fringed with lush green mangrove trees

It took our breath away


Your Westward facing sunshine coast

Has climate of its own

Atoll reefs, exotic sunsets

A special marine zone


The serenity of that night

Consisting  water, sky and sand

Created mystic  of its own

As we stood there hand in hand


My heart leaps up when I recall

The memory of  your river

It’s stunning romantic ambiance

Is cast in my heart forever.


–  Dr Ian McFeat-Smith, 2008 Copyright reserved